• Cardiac Wellness Program

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    The Cardiac Wellness Program at Healthlinks offers structured, supervised exercise for patients who need cardiac risk factor reduction.

    The Cardiac Wellness Program provides a monitored, guided program of exercise and education in risk reduction, which is offered 3 times a week. The program uses a wide range of physical activity, in a progressively more independent setting. This is a program for patients who have completed Cardiac Rehabilitation and those who have modifiable cardiac risk factors who do not qualify for Cardiac Rehab.

    Helping You Develop a Healthier Lifestyle

    Comprehensive Evaluation

    All new and/or prospective patients will undergo thorough evaluation to identify your particular needs. The evaluation includes:

    • A review of your medical history to determine the status of your heart disease and to see if any other ailments may be affected by increased physical activity
    • Flexibility testing/muscular endurance testing
    • Readiness assessment and goals assessment

    Is it for you?

    The Cardiac Wellness program is ideal for patients who need risk factor reduction. Patients with an accompanying diagnosis, such as a pacemaker, valve replacement, angina, congestive heart failure, or people who have had heart or bypass surgery over one year ago, may also consider this program. This includes patients with Metabolic Syndrome, Atrial Fibrillation, Peripheral Arterial Disease, Peripheral Vascular Disease, and Diabetes.

    The program is open to ALL PATIENTS who can benefit from it. However, you must be referred by a physician.

    Professional Care

    The Cardiac Wellness Program staff includes Registered Nurses who specialize in cardiac care. Staff members work closely with the program's medical director and with your physician. Because our program is hospital-based, a full range of medical resources are available to you throughout the program.

    Equipped for Fitness

    The Cardiac Wellness Program features a range of modern exercise equipment, including:

    • Computerized treadmills
    • Stationary cycles
    • Rowing ergometers
    • Arm ergometers
    • Stair steppers
    • Strength training equipment

    Program Objectives

    The Cardiac Wellness Program's goals are to:

    • Reduce cardiac risk factors
    • Help you lose (control) weight
    • Improve your physical quality of life
    • Improve your psychological quality of life
    • Reduce dependence on certain medications
    • Increase your stamina
    • Reduce incidence of chest pain

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do I exercise?

    Cardiac Wellness participants will exercise within Healthlink's @ FoxCare, 30,000 square foot medically based fitness center on Rt. 7 in Oneonta.

    How often should I participate?

    A commitment of 3x a week is suggested for desired outcomes. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are scheduled days, but times can vary for your convenience.

    What does it cost?

    The current cost: $72 per 12 visits. Additional sessions can be purchased monthly. Some insurance companies have allowances for "wellness" activities. Please contact your insurance company for exact information.

    Can I use the facility on Tuesday and Thursday?

    You may NOT use the facility without the Cardiac Rehab staff supervision.