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Trauma Center

If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911.COT verified logo copy.jpg

To make an appointment, call 800-227-7388 (800-BASSETT).

Bassett's Trauma Care Mission

Bassett Medical Center is dedicated to providing optimal care to patients and families. During the most critical moments in a patient's journey, our team of highly skilled physicians, nurses, technicians and other health care personnel are trained to rapidly assemble and treat a patient immediately upon arrival. Bassett Medical Center continues to improve its quality of care by following standardized processes, maintaining high educational requirements for medical staff, and raising public awareness about injury prevention and safe living.

trauma.jpgImpact on the Community

Bassett Medical Center is an American College of Surgeons (ACS) verified, New York State designated Level II Trauma Center, equipped to handle critically injured patients. Care provided at a trauma center compared with standard emergency departments has shown up to a 25% decrease in mortality for critically injured patients. Bassett Medical Center focuses on the patient's journey. Care begins at the point of injury and continues through hospitalization and rehabilitation.

Bassett's increased communication to partners, including EMS, hospitals, regional and state trauma counsels as well as medical professional organizations ensures effective trauma resource management. Bassett's committment to rural trauma care provides the same definitive care and services that its regional partner, Albany Medical Center, possesses with less volume. Bassett collaborates with neighboring urban trauma centers in the region, such as Albany Medical Center, assuring optimal and timely attention to critically injured patients. Bassett is dedicated to successful patient recoveries through advanced facilities, highly skilled professionals and resource management, enhancing the safety of the community.

Bassett Medical Center provides secure, efficient and effective care to patients by engaging in a process called the performance improvement and patient safety (PIPS) process. Through a registry, Bassett Medical Center reacts to specific needs of the community by trending injury in the local and regional area.


Bassett Medical Center is proud to provide the Leatherstocking Region with its only New York State Department of Health designated Level II Trauma Center since 1987.

In 2012, New York State began to transition to a National Standard and adopted the American College of Surgeons - Committee on Trauma (ACS-COT) standards and verification process. The ACS-COT focuses on improving care of severely injured patients and will verify all New York Trauma Centers and delineate them into four levels. In 2016, the ACS-COT conducted their verification visit at Bassett Medical Center and verified the institution as a Level II trauma center. The standards for the provision of clinical care to injure patients for Level I and Level II trauma centers are identical. Bassett Medical Center continues to provide excellence in trauma care and maintains its commitment to people within the community by ensuring that they receive optimal trauma care.

Bassett Healthcare Network serves a diverse rural area and assists in providing trauma care within 60 minutes by air or ground ambulance from the point of injury to trauma centers between Syracuse, Albany and Binghamton.


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