• Testimonials

    “This is an excellent program to help people like me who have neglected these screenings because of the cost. I am so grateful to your program for helping us all.” -Susan

    “I appreciated the case manager’s quick response after finding my breast lump, for she got me a mammogram as soon as possible.”  -Daryl

    “I am very grateful for the service provided. Everyone involved was very courteous, professional and made the experience as pleasant as possible.” -Robert

    “Thank you Rebecca and the whole team. My sister referred me and it was something I procrastinated about (due to lack of insurance) so this was a great relief.” -Lori

    “I love the way I am treated every time I get my yearly exam. I have been using the cancer program for several years due to being uninsured. I received calls to confirm my appt as well as follow up after I had to go for further x-rays as well as an ultrasound. I have told my sisters about your services.” -Jackie