Navigation Services

What do community health navigators do?

A community health navigator is a link to community resources and medical providers. They assist patients in improving physical, mental, and social health, helping to develop a care plan that's right for you. They are health care coordinators, connecting people with community support and social service needs.

Community health navigators assist with:

  • Navigating the health care system
  • Linking patients to community resources for finding affordable housing, food, clothing, and transportation
  • Advocating on the patient's behalf, ensuring optimal care
  • Coordinating care through communication with other providers

I have Medicaid, but am I eligible to receive navigation services?

Navigation services are available to individuals who fit under at least one of the following criteria:

Physical determinants:

  • HIV/AIDS diagnosis
  • Mental illness
  • One or more chronic conditions such as mental health disease, addiction, asthma, diabetes, heart disease or other conditions

Social determinants:

  • No health insurance
  • Lack of resources to meet daily needs (safe housing, food)
  • Lack of access to educational, economic, and job opportunities
  • Lack of health care access
  • Increased risk for adverse events (death, disability, inpatient or nursing home admission)
  • Lack of or inadequate social, family, or housing support
  • Non-adherence to treatments or medications, or difficulty managing medications
  • Recent release from incarceration or psychiatric hospitalization
  • Deficits in activities of daily living, such as dressing or eating
  • Learning or cognitive issues

Not sure if you qualify? Call 607-547-4887 or 877-547-1753, or click here for a referral form.

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