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O’Connor Hospitalists:

While you are a patient in the Acute Care or Swing Bed Program the following providers will provide your care:

John Dorr, NP
Peter Sosnow, MD – Medical Director
Carlton Rule, MD
Michael Nguyen, MD

Primary Care Providers

Bassett Healthcare of Delhi

Specialty Clinic Providers

Services are provided through O'Connor Hospital Specialty Clinics.
(607) 746-0525


Lawrence Laifer, MD
James Weaver, PA
Jerel Zoltick, MD


Sofia Syed, MD

General Surgery

Craig Henson, MD


Sharon Feldman, OD


Joseph Dutkowsky, MD (Pediatric)
Karl Siebuhr, MD
Richard Sternberg, MD
Jessie Welch, RPA-C

Plastic Surgery

John Moore, PA
W. Thomas Huntsman, MD


Nazir Lone, MD


John Raymond, MD


Shelby Cooper, MD

Womens Health

Elizabeth Perry, NP

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