About O'Connor Hospital


O’Connor Hospital has a proud tradition of serving the residents of Delhi and the surrounding area. This tradition dates back to 1921 when Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cannon, Sr. gave to the village the deed to their property on Franklin Street to be used as Delhi Hospital. The hospital operated at the Franklin Street site until 1958 at which time the new Delhi Hospital facility opened at the current site on Andes Road, with the dedication taking place on October 26, 1958.

In 1969 the name of the hospital was changed to the A. Lindsay and Olive B. O’Connor Hospital in recognition of the support of Judge A Lindsay O’Connor and his wife Olive. O’Connor Hospital continued to serve the needs of area residents as an independent hospital until 1988 when the hospital joined the Bassett Healthcare network becoming a division of Mary Imogene Bassett Hospital. This arrangement continued until January 1, 1998 when O’Connor Division of Bassett Healthcare became, once again, O’Connor Hospital.

While no longer a division of Bassett Healthcare, O’Connor Hospital maintains a strong affiliation with Bassett Healthcare through a portfolio of contractual arrangements. These contracts provide a wide array of clinical and administrative expertise, which greatly expand access to care for the local community and provide advanced automation and administrative expertise not usually available at a small rural hospital.

In 2000, O’Connor Hospital was one of the first in New York State to receive Federal designation as a Critical Access Hospital. This designation, reserved for the smallest rural hospitals has contributed to the financial success enjoyed by O’Connor over the past several years. O’Connor Hospital completed a major expansion and renovation in 2005, elevating the quality of the facility to equal the excellence of the care provided within. Today, O’Connor is a model for small rural facilities, offering a wide range of clinical services and access to more sophisticated medical and surgical specialties through the Bassett Healthcare system.

O'Connor Hospital Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

O’Connor Hospital’s mission is to provide our community with quality healthcare which the community values in the pursuit of health.

Our Vision

The vision of O’Connor Hospital is to:

  • Be a patient centered organization
  • Be a leading health and wellness resource for the community
  • Offer direct access to additional specialized services and programs through our affiliation with Bassett Healthcare
  • Be an employer of choice in our community
  • Ensure there are resources to meet our mission
  • Be a socially responsible organization in the community
  • Be the health care provider of choice in Delaware County

Our Values

Our values are:

  • Relationships that build trust and nurture our patients, each other and the communities we serve
  • Excellence in all encounters and outcomes
  • Accountability for taking personal action to achieve success
  • Service to our patients, patients’ families, and the community that is our organization
  • Learning that sparks creativity and willingness to change
  • Integration to ensure teamwork in healthcare delivery

Board of Trustees

  • Peter J. Hamilton, Chairman 
  • Bruce McKeegan, Vice Chairman 
  • Sue Andrews, Treasurer 
  • Dennis Marsh 
  • Connie Pellegrino, Secretary
  • Charlotte Hill 
  • James Peters, MD 
  • Don Harris, PhD
  • Polly DellaCrosse
  • Lucile Frisbee (Trustee Emeritus)
  • Michele DeFreece
  • John “Jack” Lynch