Nursing Education

Nurse Residency Program

Bassett Healthcare offers a yearlong Nurse Residency Program for graduate nurses and for registered nurses with minimal hospital-based nursing experience. The Nurse Residency Program supports the graduate nurse on a transitional path from novice to advanced beginner to competent practitioner through a variety of nursing education experiences. These experiences focus on critical thinking skills, on collaboration in an interdisciplinary environment, and on conflict resolution skills. Career development in conjunction with Bassett's professional nurse clinical ladder process is a central theme throughout the residency program.

Orientation is coordinated through an orientation team and will include clinically oriented classes, as well as individual bedside teaching and observational experiences off the unit.

A mentor program is offered to all nurses, as an additional layer of support to help you succeed in developing your professional talents.

Placement of Nurse Residency Participants

Graduate nurses and registered nurses are offered employment in many areas of the hospital, including:

  • Medical Unit
  • Surgical Unit
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Dialysis Unit
  • Special Care Unit
  • Pediatric Unit

Application Process

Interested applicants must submit a completed employment application, resume, and references to the Nurse Recruiter in the Human Resources Department of Bassett Healthcare.

All nurse candidates will be scheduled for an employment interview with the nurse recruiter and nurse manager(s) of the unit(s) of interest.
Successful candidates will be college graduates with a major in nursing.
All new graduate nurses will be eligible to obtain a New York State permit.
The GN will be expected to take the New York State RN NCLEX licensure exam within three months of hire to Bassett Healthcare.
A competency based unit orientation will be provided to all nurses.
Benefits begin following 30 days of employment. 

To receive more information, contact:
Christine Young
Human Resources Department
Bassett Healthcare
One Atwell Road
Cooperstown, N.Y. 13326-1394

Or call 1 (800) 526-1271
Or e-mail

Professional Development Programs

Partnership for Nursing Opportunities Program

The Partnership for Opportunities Program is celebrating over a decade of success. The PNO program, a joint venture of Bassett, SUNY Delhi and Hartwick College, has graduated 148 nurses since its inception in 2001. 100 nurses have become RN’s through the program and 48 are now bachelor prepared nurses.

The Partnership for Nursing Opportunities Program allows students to complete their associate degree in nursing through SUNY Delhi. Following completion of the first year at SUNY Delhi, the student may secure employment as a Patient Care Assistant 2. Upon completion of the second year, the student/employee will earn an Associate of Science in Nursing and will be eligible for licensure as a Registered Professional Nurse.

The Bassett - Hartwick College program is designed for Registered Professional Nurses interested in earning a Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing degree while working. RNs will work 12-hour shifts each week at Bassett Healthcare and receive two days of on-site nursing instruction by Hartwick College faculty at Bassett. Following completion of two full calendar years, the Registered Nurse will earn a BS.

Full tuition support is provided to the eligible employee/student in either program with a payback commitment following program completion. Bassett is currently seeking candidates for entry into the SUNY Delhi and Hartwick College at Bassett Medical Center.

For more information, please contact:
Christine Utegg
Nursing Academic Partnership Liaison, HRSA - NEPRQ RN Program
(607) 547-6794