As our patient, you are very important to us. We understand that coming to the hospital for care can be an anxious time and that the bills associated with your care can be difficult to understand. We hope the information provided here will be helpful. If you ever have questions about hospital charges, please contact us at (518) 254-3480.

Please understand that this information is meant to explain how hospital charges are determined and provide a general idea of prices for the most common inpatient, outpatient and diagnostic procedures at Cobleskill Regional Hospital (CRH).

The amount a patient is responsible for paying is determined by your insurance plan. Click here for participating insurances. We encourage you to contact your insurance carrier in order to fully understand your health care coverage, including deductibles and co-pays. For patients who have little or no health insurance, CRH offers the Community Service Program, with information available here.

Factors Influencing Hospital Charges

CRH conducts an annual survey to be sure our prices are comparable to those of other health care facilities in Upstate New York. We benchmark ourselves against 14 other hospitals, including hospitals in Utica, Syracuse, Binghamton, and Albany. However, price comparisons between hospitals are difficult as there are a variety of factors that influence hospital charges.

Prices reflect not only the cost of a particular item or procedure, but all of the human and facility resources required to provide the care. Among the variables are the type of procedure you are undergoing, the cost of the technology used in your care, medical supplies, the wages and benefits of the staff providing your care, and your health insurance coverage.

Finally, price is only one consideration in making decisions about health care and does not equate with quality and outcomes. As you make healthcare decisions for yourself and loved ones, we encourage you to get to know CRH by reviewing the of information about our hospital on our website, speaking with others about their care experience at CRH and speaking with the providers who may be involved in your care.

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CRH Inpatient/Outpatient Charges

CRH Medication Charges

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount you owe depends on your insurance plan. Please contact your insurance company directly to determine what your financial obligation will be. You may be asked to provide a procedure code, which can be obtained from your physician's office. List of participating insurances.

The amount you will be billed for may vary depending on such things as: additional testing, medications, services or procedures that may be required, or pre-existing conditions, such as smoking, diabetes, and obesity that may impact your medical needs. Physician Services are billed separate from hospital.

CRH reviews its charges annually, taking into consideration the following factors: The cost of providing staff, equipment, facilities, medications and other supplies. The amount of time our facilities and staff are needed to provide the necessary services. Information provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency that manages the Medicare and Medicaid program. Prices that other hospitals and health systems in the region list for the same service or procedure.

Co-pays and deductibles are determined by your insurance carrier. It's important to understand that high deductibles and copayments are due to insurance benefit plan design, not hospital charges. Please contact your health insurance company to understand what charges you may be responsible.

If you would like more information including payment options or possible financial assistance, further information is available on the website here.

CRH participates with a number of insurance and managed care plans, but it is always advisable to verify CRH's participation in your specific health plan through your insurance carrier. Click here for participating insurances.