Pathfinder Village a Healthy Lifestyle Champion

August 1, 2014

awardEdmeston, NY – Pathfinder Village recently received a Healthy Lifestyle Champion Award from the Bassett Research Institute’s 5210 program. The award acknowledges all the successful and sustainable projects Pathfinder has undertaken to promote healthy behaviors in its organization and in Edmeston. Pictured left to right in the photo are Dan Osborn, senior director of Corporate Compliance and Ancillary Services at Pathfinder Village; Paul Landers, CEO of Pathfinder Village; and Doug Willies, vice chair of the Operating Board.

Willies, who presented the award on behalf of the board and 5210, noted that Edmeston is a “food desert”. The village does not have a full service grocery store, so residents of the area don’t have immediate access to fresh produce. Pathfinder has addressed this by offering a weekly produce market on its campus as a regular source of fresh fruits and vegetables. Pathfinder has also worked with Edmeston Central School to train residents of Pathfinder Village to work in the greenhouses at the school during summer months and on its own campus. The greenhouses provide some of the vegetables and herbs sold at the Pathfinder produce market and offered in the cafeteria during the school year. Pathfinder also hosts food demonstrations at its weekly market to promote the preparation and incorporation of healthy food dishes at home.

The Pathfinder Village weekly market has been tremendously successful. It serves 90-100 customers per week, 40 percent of whom come from the Edmeston area. Another 40 percent come from nearby Burlington and New Berlin. The remaining 20 percent come from surrounding smaller communities. Further, 36 percent of the customers have school-age children who are the focus of the Bassett Research Institute’s 5210 healthy lifestyles program.

In addition to its market, Pathfinder Village is creating a walking trail for its residents and the community to use for increased physical activity. This year, Pathfinder also hosted its first “Splash Path 5K and Fun Walk”.

“What is most remarkable about all these endeavors,” noted Willies, “is the sustainability inherent in each project.”

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