O'Connor Hospital Announces Winners of 1K Mile Challenge

O'Connor Hospital

March 1, 2016

1kmile challenge winner 2015.jpg

To increase awareness about the importance of sustained regular physical activity, O’Connor Hospital (OCH) challenged the community to walk 1,000 miles in 2015. On Feb. 2, Dr. Carlton Rule, chief executive officer for O’Connor Hospital and Tri-Town Regional Hospital (TRH), presented Jeana Roberts, radiology technician at TRH, with a Golden Shoe Award acknowledging her efforts in the challenge. Roberts logged over 3,000 miles in the challenge. She is seen walking her dog regularly and recently participated in the Disney World half and full marathons.

OCH took first place in the worksite participate award with over 20 percent of overall employee engagement throughout 2015. Runner ups were TRH with 10 percent and Delaware Valley Hospital with 8.5 percent. Macy Davis, 1,000 Mile Challenge coordinator, presented Rule and the Operations Teams at OCH with the worksite Golden Shoe award on Feb. 3.

OCH finished with 36,283.5 miles for 2015. The challenge motivated many employees.  “I am pretty committed to my health, but the 1,000 mile challenge really helped keep me accountable for my goals,” says Pamela Dorr, emergency services supervisor at OCH. “Staying healthy is not about spending huge tracts of time a few days a week logging long runs. It’s about consistency. It’s about getting out there every day for 30-45 minutes and making wellness a priority. We all get the same amount of time in one day. It’s how we use it that counts. The 1,000 mile challenge helped me reaffirm that a small portion of the 24 hours I get to spend in a day will be spent on my good health.”

OCH is continuing the 1K Mile Challenge in 2016. Register for the 2016 challenge at 1kmilechallenge.org. Participants may also register for 500, 750, or 1,000 miles. Follow O’Connor Hospital on Facebook for motivation, inspiration, and to share accomplishments throughout the year. O’Connor Hospital is proud of all 1,000 Mile Challenge participants for their commitment to regular and sustained physical activity. 

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