A.O. Fox Hospital Acquires Ultraviolet Light Technology to Enhance Operating Room Disinfection Practices

A.O. Fox Hospital

August 7, 2017

Oneonta, NY – A.O. Fox Hospital has acquired ultraviolet (UV) light disinfection technology to 

UV Light Technology.jpgsupplement its methods for sanitizing surgical areas. The portable lamp, which uses UV light to kill bacteria, will intensify Fox’s sterilization protocols and increase efficiency for staff.

Dr. Reginald Knight, vice president of Medical Affairs at A.O. Fox Hospital and director of Bassett Spine Care Institute, says that the new surgical technology is part of Fox’s unending quest to further enhance patient care standards. “Fox is proud of its historically low infection rates,” says Knight. “This UV equipment will supplement Fox’s current sterilization procedures and further reinforce patient safety in all patient rooms, including its operating rooms.”

UV light kills microorganisms by disrupting their cell membranes and damaging their DNA, stifling their ability to reproduce and live. The application of UV light to kill bacteria, viruses, mold and other pathogens has been used in water, food and air purification for years and has been gaining popularity in the medical environment.

“UV light application is becoming more widely recognized as an efficient and effective method for disinfection,” explains Russ Grant, director of Infection Control and Prevention at A.O. Fox Hospital. “We have thoroughly tested the benefits of this technology in a recent research study.”

UV light therapy will not replace any of Fox’s sterilization procedures in place; rather, it will be an added disinfection measure. “Surgical staff will operate the UV light technology in addition to regular sterilization practices,” says Grant.

“We are excited to announce the launch of this technology and are only beginning to see the benefits it has to offer,” says Knight. “Fox is committed to providing the safest and most advanced care possible for our patients and communities.”

Photo caption: Dr. Reginald Knight (left), vice president of Medical Affairs at A.O. Fox Hospital, stands with Russ Grant, director of Infection Control and Prevention at A.O. Fox Hospital, with Fox’s new ultraviolet light disinfection portable lamp.

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