Little Falls Hospital Further Enhances its Commitment to Quality Service with new Customer Satisfaction Survey Tool

Little Falls Hospital

January 4, 2016

qualitick-winther.jpgLittle Falls Hospital, a leading provider of healthcare services in New York, today announced that it has implemented Qualitick customer survey system in its Emergency Department. The ability to quickly and accurately capture customer satisfaction data further enhances Little Falls Hospital’s mission, which is to provide the very best medical care and service to every patient.

“Service excellence is a priority for Little Falls Hospital, and we fully appreciate the fact that our customers have many alternatives for where they receive their healthcare,” Dr. Mark Winther, Emergency Department Medical Director of Little Falls Hospital, stated. “While the response rate to our customer satisfaction surveys has always been good, we believe we can do better. Receiving real-time feedback will give us a more accurate, timely pulse on what our patients are thinking.”

Qualitick enables our patients to complete a customized survey via a touch screen monitor in the ED before leaving. The survey takes about 60 seconds to complete, and once each survey is completed, administrators and physicians receive the data as well as automatic alerts when a patient reveals a service concern.

“Surveys are more than just numbers,” said Loretta Mosher, Assistant Director of Quality Resources and Risk Management. “As an organization, Little Falls Hospital seeks to learn from the feedback and use the results to identify areas for improvement. Outcomes with lower scores that are important to the patient - such as wait times, provider performance, and whether they would recommend our facility – help us better invest and deploy resources such as training and development programs for our associates, physicians, and their staff. Being able to analyze the data in a short time frame will arm us with the information we need to implement sound decisions and correct inconsistencies on how we deliver healthcare on a daily basis.”
“We are delighted that Little Falls Hospital’s ED has selected Qualitick to augment their patient satisfaction survey strategy, knowing how important the quality improvement process is to their top-level management,” said Prash Pavagadhi, Qualitick’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. “No matter which method a company uses to survey customers, a quality measuring tool is essential. Qualitick offers accurate, immediate results that will help Little Falls Hospital measure results, plan and execute changes to improve satisfaction, and then measure the effectiveness of those changes. Little Falls Hospital is one of the best providers of health care. Now, they will have the statistics to further back that up.”

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