Little Falls Hospital Displays Artwork from Students at Little Falls High School

Little Falls Hospital

January 4, 2016


Artwork from students at Little School High School is being displayed on the inpatient unit at Little Falls Hospital. The 14 pieces of artwork are from students in drawing and painting class, ranging from 9th to 12th grade. The project’s name was “Nature” in honor of April 22nd Earth Day.

The displayed artwork gives the students a chance to show off their skills, the drawings and paintings boost inpatient morale, and lets visitors, staff, and other patients enjoy the pieces of art.

The following student’s artwork is on display: Abby Blanchard, Alec Carrigan, Claire Connolly, Sophie Coulson, Creshelle Douglas, Cole Fredericks, Taylor Giaquinto, Caitlin Grace, Thomas Lizio, Mary Melo, Madison Rockwell, Lindsey Scaparo, Jonathan Smith, and Shayla Staves.

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