Fox Hospital Awarded $21.4 Million in State Funding

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March 8, 2016

A.O. Fox Hospital, part of Bassett Healthcare Network, has been awarded $21.4 million in grant funding from New York State under the Essential Health Care Provider Support Program. Fox was one of more than two dozen hospitals and health systems to apply for the funds.  The grant will allow Fox to undertake debt restructuring and pursue a growth strategy that may include Center of Excellence possibilities, such as a joint center, at Fox Hospital. The goal is to strengthen and better position Fox for the future.

Fox HosJeff-Joyner-Head-Shot.jpgpital President Jeff Joyner said the funding is welcome news. “We are grateful for the state’s recognition of just how vital the hospital’s services are to the Greater Oneonta region. The support funding from NYS will allow us to get our financial house in order and, with the help of Bassett Healthcare Network (BHN), transform the hospital in a way that will assure long term stability and success.”

The bulk of the $21.4 million will be utilized for debt restructuring, allowing Fox and BHN to move forward with growing services in a way that aligns with the needs of the region. Like many areas of the state, central New York has seen considerable growth in its older population, sparking increased demand for orthopedic services. The work of developing a plan to address that need will begin in earnest now that the state funding has been announced.

Dr. Vance Brown, President and CEO of Bassett Healthcare Network, responded to the DOH announcement saying, “The work of integrating health care services is complex and the incredibly dynamic environment we are currently navigating adds an additional layer of complexity. The $21.4 in support funding is a welcome infusion of dollars that will allow the network to continue making positive progress on behalf of the population we serve.”

Fox became an affiliate of Bassett Healthcare Network in 2010 and since then, the two organizations have worked to further improve and integrate services while achieving the necessary operational efficiencies.  Last year, the hospitals combined their urology services into one location with Bassett moving its urology clinic at Oneonta Specialty Services to Northern Catskill Urologic Associates on Main Street near Fox Hospital. Bassett also moved the location of its outpatient cataract surgery from Oneonta Specialty Services to Fox Hospital in May of last year, and the hospitals continue to cooperate in the areas of heart and cancer care. Fox Hospital is also adopting the Bassett Healthcare Network electronic medical record system, a process that is underway now.

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