Bassett’s Jose Raul Monzon, MD, Honored with 2017 Walter A. Franck Physician Excellence Award

September 20, 2017

MonzonRaulJoseHR2009.JPGAttending Surgeon Jose Raul Monzon, MD, is the most recent recipient of Bassett Healthcare Network’s most prestigious recognition for a physician, the Walter A. Franck Physician Excellence Award. The award was established to honor rheumatologist Walter A. Franck, MD, who retired from Bassett in 2014 after more than four distinguished decades of service. The award recognizes a physician who emulates the lifelong career traits of Dr. Franck - service to patients, students, colleagues and the community.

Physicians are nominated by their peers and the award recipient is determined by a vote of Bassett physicians. Dr. Monzon received the award during Bassett’s medical staff meeting on Aug. 14.

In the nomination for Dr. Monzon, the writer says that Dr. Monzon, “…personifies not only the vision of the award but as no other medical staff member, Raul personifies the traditions that Walt formed here at Bassett…What distinguishes Raul the most is his love of Bassett and his tireless effort to bring us all together…I have been at Bassett for 25 years and find no medical staff member who represents the standards that Walt left us more than Raul.”

Dr. Monzon completed his general surgery residency at Bassett in 2003. He returned as an attending surgeon in 2009, and served as associate program director for the surgical residency program.

In addition to his responsibilities as a general surgeon with particular expertise in gastrointestinal surgery and digestive diseases, Dr. Monzon is the division chief for general surgery. As such, he is responsible for the quality standards of practice for general and thoracic surgery and the delivery of care for the division. 

“To be a part of an award that emulates the practice and life of Dr. Franck and this institution is an extraordinary honor,” Dr. Monzon said. “It was incredible just to be nominated because I hold Dr. Franck and my other mentors who worked throughout the 1980s, 90s and 2000s to make this hospital as good as it is, to have super high standards of service to the institution, to medicine and to the members of the community in [such high regard].” He adds, “I have a sincere interest and dedication to this place as a hospital and institution, and consider Bassett my alma mater and Cooperstown my home.”

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