Bassett Medical Center Receives National Recognition for Meritorious Outcomes from American College of Surgeons

December 9, 2015

Bassett Medical Center has been recognized by the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (ACS NSQIP®) for achieving meritorious outcomes for surgical patient care. This program requires participating hospitals to track the outcomes of inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures. The ACS NSQIP measures surgical results 30 days following an operation, and its goal is to reduce illnesses or deaths related to surgical procedures.

Bassett is one of 52 participating hospitals that achieved the national distinction for meritorious outcomes for surgical patient care related to patient management in eight clinical areas: mortality, unplanned intubation, ventilator more than 48 hours, renal failure, cardiac incidents, respiratory (pneumonia), SSI (superficial skin infection) and urinary tract infection. Only approximately 10 percent of NSQIP participating sites received this designation.

Dr. Nicholas Hellenthal, surgeon-in-chief at Bassett Healthcare Network, stated that while there are numerous entities that evaluate surgical quality, many of these programs look at process measures rather than patient outcomes. “NSQIP reports directly on patient outcomes; that is, what happens, or does not happen, to our patients after surgery,” said Hellenthal. “This distinction is perhaps the most important evaluation of surgical care as it gives us insight into how our postoperative complication and mortality rates compare to those of other NSQIP participating sites.”

Bassett achieved this recognition based on its composite quality score in the eight clinical outcome areas for all surgery cases for the performance period of Jan. 1, 2014 through Dec. 31, 2014.

“This particular distinction is not just a testament to the outstanding surgeons at Bassett but more importantly to the surgical care teams, from those involved in preoperative planning to intraoperative execution and postoperative patient care management,” said Hellenthal. “We are excited to have achieved this distinction at Bassett, and the award is the composite recognition of the continued hard work and dedication of a team of care providers toward every surgical patient.”

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