When you need infusion therapy

March 1, 2017

Doctors often prescribe pills when patients get sick. Oral medications work well for a lot of diseases iStock-464607966.jpgand conditions.

But sometimes an illness can't be treated with a pill--it requires something called infusion therapy.

This treatment typically involves giving medicines, nutrition or fluids intravenously--through a needle or catheter inserted into a vein. Some medicines may also be injected into a muscle or into membranes around the spine.

Infusion therapy is used for most chemotherapy drugs. It's also a common method for delivering:

  • Antibiotics.
  • Antiviral and antifungal medicines.
  • Pain medications.
  • Fluids (to combat dehydration).
  • Parenteral nutrition--a special liquid food mixture given to people who can't eat because of an illness or surgery.

Dedicated to you

Our infusion therapy clinics at Bassett Healthcare Network are dedicated to bringing the latest treatments to you whether you have cancer, a chronic infection, an immune disorder or some other condition that requires intravenous therapy.

The clinic is staffed by nurses who are highly skilled at administering infusion medicines. They will also keep a watchful eye on you during treatment.

Because infusion therapy can sometimes take several hours, the clinic is equipped with features to help make you as comfortable as possible, such as big chairs, soft lighting, televisions, and free snacks and Wi-Fi.

Getting infusion therapy at our clinic means you won't be confined to a hospital over the course of your treatment. You'll just visit our clinic for your scheduled appointments.

Between appointments, you'll be able to return home and, as your health allows, carry on with your daily activities, work or school.

Learn more

For more information about our infusion therapy clinic and how we can serve your needs, please call 1-800-BASSETT. Or go online at www.bassett.org

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