• A Snowstorm, Appendicitis and the Team at Cobleskill Regional Hospital’s Emergency Department

    Cobleskill Regional Hospital

    March 19, 2018

    af8e4a84d3582e035365e20e6e311406_f4061.jpgDelanson, NY -- With snowfall rates of up to and inch per hour, Kara Foster of Delanson, NY, and her husband, Mike, had just a bit of trepidation as they climbed in their truck during an early March snowstorm and headed for the emergency department (ED) at Cobleskill Regional Hospital.

    “I was having severe abdominal pain and knew something was not quite right,” explained Kara. Still, because they didn’t know what the next several hours would entail, the Fosters took a side trip to drop their two small children off at Kara’s parents’ home in Cobleskill before heading for the hospital. The drive took them two times longer than it should have because of the storm.

    “When Ms. Foster arrived, she had abdominal pain and clearly had something wrong. We got the CT and bloodwork as soon as possible and in about two hours we knew what was going on,” said Dr. Ryan Richman, senior attending physician of the ED. 

    When the test results came back, Kara learned she was suffering from an appendicitis attack. “She had acute, uncomplicated appendicitis. Serious, but not life threatening,” explained Richman. “We treated her with antibiotics and made arrangements to transfer her for surgery.”

    Meanwhile, outside the snow continued to fall at rates of one to two inches an hour. The freak storm that hit the Northeast dumped nearly 40 inches of snow on Cobleskill. Travel conditions were so bad that some roads in Schoharie County were closed. But thanks to village, town, county and hospital maintenance crews, an ambulance managed to make it up the slight hill to the hospital and transported Kara Foster so she could get the surgery she needed. She went home the next day and is doing well. It was an anxious time, but made so much easier by the ED team she encountered at CRH. 

    “You never expect anything like this to happen. I am a healthy person, I don’t go to doctors or hospitals, I never have needed too,” said Foster. “I think it’s important that the ED staff at CRH gets recognized in this type of situation. I could have chosen to go to a different medical facility, but CRH was what was best for me and my family at the time, and the hospital is such a great resource for this community. We are extremely fortunate to have its services, doctors and amazing staff available 24-7 and there when we need them.”