• Patients Benefit from Transition to a Single Network-Wide Electronic Health Record

    A.O. Fox Hospital

    May 2, 2017

    ca1938be3e82914d483a2dccf39ce1f3_f3017.jpgA.O. Fox Hospital has adopted a new electronic health record (EHR), the same system in place at all other Bassett Healthcare Network locations. All six hospitals in the Bassett Healthcare Network as well as the outpatient health centers across the network’s eight-county service region are now connected electronically. This powerful electronic health record brings patients’ health information into a consolidated Bassett Healthcare Network medical record, so patients have one record across the health system. The end result is improved care coordination, health care delivery, medication safety and an enhanced patient experience.

    “Whether a patient is seen for follow-up care by a Bassett specialist here at Fox Hospital or needs to go to Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown, up-to-date information on that patient is at the doctor’s fingertips thanks to the EHR,” notes A.O. Fox Hospital President Jeff Joyner. “And, because information is entered in real time into the EHR, the patient’s primary care physician is up-to-date as well.”

    Other benefits for patients that will result from the EHR include:

    • Faster provider access to test results so decisions can be made quicker
    • Treatment and medication orders are made directly into the computerized system and alerts generated that warn of any possible drug interaction or allergic reaction
    • Barcode medication administration and electronic medication administration minimize the chances of a dispensing or dosing error
    • Upon discharge, any prescriptions can be electronically sent to the patient’s pharmacy
    • And, patients who enroll in Fox Hospital’s new patient portal “MyBassett Health Connection” will be able to check their own test results and receive wellness information electronically.

    “As a doctor who sees patients in multiple locations, a single electronic health record is of enormous benefit to me and my patients,” notes Dr. Reginald Knight, director of the Bassett Spine Institute and vice president of Medical Affairs at A.O. Fox Hospital. “All information for each patient is contained in a single consolidated record, and that information is available no matter where the patient is seen for follow-up care in the Bassett Healthcare Network. Further, patients who enroll in the new, enhanced patient portal will be able to message their doctor and see their own test results over time so that they can be more proactive about their own health.” 

    At the same time Fox Hospital converted to the same EHR platform in place across the rest of the Bassett network, Fox also adopted the network patient portal, MyBassett Health Connection, which gives patients who sign up for the service secure online access to their personal health information.

    “I just love MyBassett,” says Judy Marvin of Earlville. She has used the patient portal since its implementation in the Bassett Healthcare Network’s regional primary care centers. "It has been a great tool for my husband and I to be able to communicate back and forth with our doctor and it's super easy to navigate," continues Marvin. "And because we work 9 to 5 or sometimes we work odd hours, we like the ability to log in and check test results anytime - we don't have to wait at all."

    Other advantages of MyBassett Health Connection to Bassett Healthcare Network patients include:

    • See test results quicker
    • Graph test results over time
    • Message their provider
    • Review prescribed medications, including dosage and frequency information
    • Request prescription renewals
    • Request appointments with a primary care provider or change an appointment
    • View future and past appointments
    • View immunization history and documented allergies
    • View lab and imaging results with comments from the primary or specialty care provider, where applicable

    Patients seen at any Bassett Healthcare Network location who are not yet enrolled in MyBassett may sign up online at www.bassett.org/mybassett/, request access during an appointment or by calling 1-800-BASSETT (227-7388).

    Sign up for MyBassett Health Connection today!

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