• A.O. Fox Hospital’s Tri-Town Campus to Hold Food “Farmacy” Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony January 6

    Bassett Healthcare Network, A.O. Fox Hospital, A.O. Fox Hospital - Tri-Town Campus

    December 17, 2019

    A.O. Fox Hospital, part of Bassett Healthcare Network, will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open its new Food “Farmacy” program on Monday, Jan. 6, at noon, at its Tri-Town Campus in Sidney. 

    The prescription food location will provide emergency food, education, and navigation services to patients and their families in need. Fox is partnering with a number of local businesses and food pantries for supplies, including Price Chopper, Great American, Hannaford, Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York, Pathfinder Mobile Grocery, and others. 

    The program is set to pilot at Sidney Primary Care, where practitioners will create referrals based on key social determinants or diagnoses that place patients at risk for food insecurity. Patients who are given referrals will also receive education and resources from a care team and have the opportunity to obtain groceries based on their medical conditions and household needs, and connections to outside resources that provide lifestyle tools. Fox’s Food Farmacy will stock healthy perishable and non-perishable goods, fresh produce, and more. 

    The physical Food Farmacy is located at A.O. Fox Hospital’s Tri-Town Campus, 43 Pearl Street West in Sidney. “Fox’s Tri-Town Campus is a perfect location and will offer a centralized food source to Sidney and the tri-county area,” says Peter Burghardt, senior director of Operations at A.O. Fox’s Tri-Town Campus. “We would like to express our appreciation to the local businesses who believe in this program and are supporting us.” 

    According to Feeding America, it is estimated that more than 8,400 people in Delaware County suffer from hunger; more than 1,800 of those struggling are children. In Chenango County, over 19 percent of children experience hunger every day, which equates to roughly 2,000. Food insecurity has negative long-term effects on an individual’s health, placing them at greater risk for serious health conditions, especially if they have already been diagnosed with a chronic disease like diabetes, hypertension, COPD, depression, and more. In children, hunger can lead to growth impairment, poor academic performance, behavioral issues, sickness, social disorders, and more.

    Fox’s program aims to decrease area food insecurity by 25 percent and increase Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) applications by 25 percent. “Access to basic needs like food, housing, and other resources is where a healthy life begins,” says Jeff Joyner, president of A.O. Fox Hospital. “It is our responsibility as a health care provider to ensure that basic living needs are met in our communities.”