• A.O. Fox Hospital Honoring Nurses for Extraordinary Care

    A.O. Fox Hospital

    September 19, 2017

    35bbd44b9328f378ccc3765b6ba3d900_f3381.jpgA.O. Fox Hospital, an affiliate of Bassett Healthcare Network, is proud to announce its recent partnership with the DAISY Foundation, a not-for-profit that cooperates with health care organizations worldwide to honor nurses who demonstrate extraordinary care.

    DAISY, or Diseases Attacking the Immune System, was founded in 1999 in Seattle by the family of a patient named J. Patrick Barnes, who lost his life following a brief auto-immune disease at the age of 33. His loved ones were so moved by his nursing care they felt compelled to dedicate their lives to honoring the compassion and talent of nurses everywhere.  

    "This program is successful at an international level," says Stacey Jordan, BSN, Pathway to Excellence Coordinator at A.O. Fox Hospital. "The ability for patients, families and colleagues to share stories through DAISY about how a nurse touched their lives will have a profound impact across the organization."

    A.O. Fox Hospital is creating a set of criteria for DAISY nominees that harmonize with its culture, mission and core values: excellence, compassion, teamwork, integrity, creativity and stewardship. Nomination forms will be placed throughout the hospital and its outpatient facilities. Forms will be available to patients and families who wish to share stories and thank their nurses. An interdisciplinary committee will review submissions several times a year to award nominees. 

    Fox's partnership with DAISY is enhancing its journey towards achieving designation as a Pathway to Excellence institution, a credentialing program that recognizes health care facilities that foster positive work environments for nurses and staff. "So many meaningful and lasting relationships are formed between caregivers, patients and families each day," says Jordan. "The DAISY Foundation aligns with Pathway to Excellence standards, as it promotes shared-decision making, well-being, quality and professional development."

    The announcement was made at a nursing retreat that Fox held on Aug. 31."Our nurses are the foundation that build a caring organization," says Joan MacDonald, MS, RN, senior director of nursing at A.O. Fox Hospital. “The work we have in front of us can only be accomplished by a team. The nursing division at Fox is committed to honoring each other with recognition that is meaningful to all.”

    Nearly 2,500 health care facilities in the U.S. and 14 other countries honor nurses with the DAISY Award. More than 75,000 nurses have received the recognition and more than 800,000 have been nominated.