• A.O. Fox Hospital Acquires State-of-the-Art Intubation Device for Area EMS Providers

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    July 24, 2018


    Oneonta – A.O. Fox Hospital, part of the Bassett Healthcare Network, has helped procure a state-of-the-art device for area EMS providers that is reducing intubation time and improving patient safety.

    Airtraq, a fibreoptic light-guided instrument, aids emergency response personnel in performing tracheal intubation, a procedure whereby a tube is placed into the windpipe to maintain an open airway and support breathing during a medical emergency.

    “This device is state-of-the-art and enhances precision for EMS teams,” says Nalin Ranasinghe, MD, medical director of A.O. Fox Hospital’s Emergency Department. “It contains a camera that allows responders a more definite view of the laryngeal space, assuring more accurate tube placement and reducing intubation time. Furthermore, the equipment’s sophistication and flexibility is a benefit during especially challenging medical situations, like during a spinal cord injury when it is imperative a patient remains immobilized.”

    Jeff Joyner, president of A.O. Fox Hospital, and Reginald Knight, MD, vice president of medical affairs at A.O. Fox Hospital and director of Bassett Spine Care Institute, pursued Airtraq as part of the hospital’s initiative to increase local EMS resources.


    “This new apparatus has greatly improved our first responders’ intubation routine helping patients,” says Oneonta Fire Department Chief Patrick Pidgeon. “It is always the priority of EMS providers to deliver high-quality and efficient care. With Airtraq, we are able to perform this acute procedure with more precision, enhancing the already stellar skills and experience our emergency response personnel offer our communities.”

    “A.O. Fox Hospital is proud to partner with Oneonta emergency medical providers to put this state-of-the-art equipment into practice,” says Joyner. “EMS providers play a vital role in the care we provide to patients. They are our partners. Their skills, talent, and response are the first crucial parts of a patient’s healing journey, and supporting them in every way we can assures successful clinical outcomes for our family, friends, and neighbors every day.”


    About A.O. Fox Hospital
    A.O. Fox Hospital, part of the Bassett Healthcare Network, is a 67-bed acute care hospital with a 130-bed nursing home. The mission of A.O. Fox Hospital is to provide the residents of Oneonta and the surrounding four county areas with high-quality health care services.


    About Bassett Healthcare Network
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