• Little Falls Hospital Receives Empire State Development Award

    Little Falls Hospital

    December 16, 2017

    Little Falls Hospital’s goal of developing a new primary care health center in Dolgeville is one big step closer to becoming a reality. On Dec. 13, when Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the 2017 Regional Economic Development Council Awards, Little Falls Hospital (LFH), a part of Bassett Healthcare Network, was awarded support from New York State. The hospital is slated to receive $480,000 from Empire State Development (ESD) for the relocation, design and construction of the new health center located in Dolgeville, NY. The funds will help offset the significant investment that will be needed to make the Dolgeville health center a reality.

    Little Falls Hospital’s current health center in Dolgeville, located at 9 Gibson Street, will be expanded and relocated to the Dolgeville Central School District (DCSD) campus. Preliminary design plans call for 7,000 square feet of medical office space that will accommodate up to four providers and appropriate ancillary support staff. 

    Michael L. Ogden, president of LFH stated, “We recognize that the school is the hub of the Dolgeville community, not only for educational purposes, but in terms of the community’s social, economic, and recreational needs. Building the health center at the school site will respond to the needs of the community by providing easy access to much-needed health care services. Primary care is essential to improving the health of the communities we serve.The residents of the greater Dolgeville area have always been very supportive of the current health center and hospital, so it is very exciting to think of helping address the unmet demand for health care services and adding to the economic vitality by constructing a new health center in the community. Little Falls Hospital is grateful to Governor Cuomo, the Empire State Development Corporation, Mohawk Regional Economic Development Council, Dolgeville Central School District and the Village of Dolgeville.”

    Christine Reynolds, superintendent of DCSD, said, “We have long been concerned about the lack of convenient access to health care for our students and families, not to mention the rest of our community members, especially those in the aging population. The construction of a new health center on school property will provide our children, families, and community members with easy access to a range of health care services to meet their needs well into the future.”

    A fundraising campaign will be launched in 2018 to help support the cost of building a new, expanded primary care center in Dolgeville.

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