• Fifth Annual Bassett Cupola 5K Wrap-Up

    October 16, 2017

    On Saturday, Oct. 7, 142 runners and walkers participated in the fifth annual Bassett Cupola 5K, which,  this year, supports the Fieldstone Assistance Fund.

    98d52d92071ee08843896928bcf4effc_f3502.jpgDawn Helstrom, a dental hygienist at School-Based Health and Fox Nursing Home, was one of the participants.  Helstrom decided to walk in the Cupola 5K for the first time as part of her larger effort to do better with eating and exercise, and she invited her grandson, Frank Pasek, to walk along with her.  He not only accompanied her on the walk, but his mom and dad also participated.  "Intergenerational" is how Helstrom described her family's participation. Seven-year old Frank Pasek said the 5K walk was 'cool'.

    'It's a great idea for family and community support,' says Helstrom. 'Also, sometimes we go to work in the dark and we come home in the dark, so this was a chance to get some sunshine and air and movement!' 

    'I'm on a bit of a roll now,' says Helstrom, who is looking forward to doing another 5K.

    Edward Johnson, who works in Business Intelligence at Bassett Medical Center, says he ran in the Cupola 5K to not only support Bassett but prove to himself that he could do it, not only physically but mentally, and to run as part of a large group. Johnson previously participated in the Cupola 5K as a walker.

    "Overall it was an amazing experience and crossing the finish line was quite exhilarating," says Johnson.  (Photo, above, Ed Johnson at the finish line.)

    Twelve of the participants [seven employees and one retiree] are in the Strong Hearts, Healthy Community study, a collaboration between Cornell University and the Bassett Research Institute. The study aims to reduce cardiovascular disease among rural women. The Bassett Cupola 5K fit the bill as another great opportunity to encourage each other to be physically active and challenge themselves.

    Click here for the Bassett Cupola 5K results.

    Top male finisher: Mike Rutledge, with a time of 19:39

    Top female finisher: Michelle Johnson, with a time of 23:24

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