• Chief Operating Officer Appointed for Bassett Medical Center

    Bassett Medical Center

    June 13, 2017

    wiley.jpgRonette Wiley, RN, BS, MHSA, CPPS, has been appointed Executive Vice President (VP) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Bassett Medical Center. Wiley previously served as VP of Performance Improvement and Care Coordination and Chief Compliance Officer at Bassett Medical Center since 2008. She also served as interim administrator for hospital operations from 2015-2016 while the search was conducted for a Chief Operating Officer of Bassett Healthcare Network.

    In making the announcement, Bassett Healthcare Network President and CEO Vance M. Brown, MD, said, “Ms. Wiley’s leadership experience, industry knowledge and proven performance over nearly 15 years at Bassett and more than 30 years of clinical and leadership experience across multiple health care disciplines will serve her and the organization well in this new role. This is a very positive development and assures our ability to continue making forward progress that benefits the patients and population we serve.”

    Brown went on to note that the appointment of a separate COO for Bassett Medical Center is necessary and a natural evolution of the change in the operating model for Bassett Healthcare Network. Andrew Manzer was appointed a little over a year ago to the position of Network Executive Vice President and COO. In that time, he has also been serving as COO for the medical center while a new network governance structure was developed.

    “With network restructuring complete, the breadth and depth of responsibilities of overseeing network operations demand this separation of COO duties so that Mr. Manzer can focus on system operations and continued operational integration across Bassett Healthcare Network,” explained Brown.

    In her new role, Wiley will be responsible for the operating performance of Bassett Medical Center. Over the past nine years as VP of Performance Improvement and Care Coordination, her divisional responsibilities included oversight of organizational performance improvement, accreditation, risk management, patient safety, infection prevention, patient flow services, corporate compliance, care coordination services, managed care, and pastoral care. Wiley is a recognized leader in patient safety. She was the seventh individual in NYS to obtain professional certification in patient safety (CPPS). She is involved in improving health care at the local and state level as a member of the Healthcare of New York State Council on Quality Initiatives. Recently, she was co-chair of the NYS Partnership for Patients initiative on hospital readmission prevention. She is a member of The American College of Healthcare Executives.

    Wiley is a native of Brookfield, NY, and resides in the town of Richfield with her husband, Scott.

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