• Bassett Partners with YMCA for 2019 Expresso Bike Challenge

    Bassett Healthcare Network

    February 9, 2019

    Bassett Healthcare Network is partnering with the YMCA for the 2019 “Rally for the Y,” which is taking place the entire month of February at the Oneonta YMCA.  This nationwide event is presented by Expresso Bikes, which donates ten cents for every mile biked during the month of February.  Additionally, bikers invite family and friends to support their efforts with a pledge. 

    “We are grateful to have a partner in Bassett," said Frank Russo, YMCA Executive Director.  "Our missions fit together that create healthy communities. With the goal of exercise and healthy living, the “Rally for the Y” is open to the public for community members to help create awareness and raise money for the Y to support its programs and members."

    “As a health care system, we want the communities we serve to be as healthy as possible,” notes Bassett cardiologist and chief of Cardiovascular Services, Mun Hong, MD. “As a cardiologist, I encourage people to be physically active because it is critical to heart health. It strengthens heart muscle, can help control your weight and prevent damage to arteries. Of course, if you are not currently on an exercise program, consult your doctor before beginning strenuous activity.”

    The money raised through Rally for the Y will support expanding or adding programs at the Oneonta YMCA that help individuals and families along their fitness journey.

    Continue your fitness journey or begin your journey to better health now by joining in the Rally for the Y. Anyone can participate and if you aren’t ready to hop in the saddle and ride just yet, you can help by supporting another rider. To learn more about The Rally for the Y, visit www.oneontaymca.org

    About The Oneonta YMCA

    Serving its members throughout Otsego and Delaware counties, strengthening community is the mission of the Y. Through its focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y gives children, families and individuals the support and resources they need to be more healthy, confident, connected and secure.  The Y is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3), which relies on the generosity of the community to help sustain its mission.

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