• Bassett Medical Center Receives $8 Million Grant from Scriven Foundation

    Bassett Medical Center

    February 9, 2018

    2b28662dc7736b664dee6e2ce11692d5_f3941.jpgDr. William LeCates, acting president of Bassett Medical Center, announced today that Bassett has received an $8 million dollar grant from the Scriven Foundation. The funds will be used to support upgrades to patient care equipment on the Cooperstown campus and throughout Bassett Medical Center’s service area.

    "This important investment in patient care equipment will help many individuals in many different care settings," notes Dr. LeCates. "We always seek to provide the highest possible degree of comfort and safety for all of our patients, and this gift will ensure that we meet our goal in every instance. I am very appreciative of the Scriven Foundation’s generosity in supporting Bassett’s core mission."

    The funds will support the purchase of additional state-of-the art patient care equipment such as surgical instruments, patient monitoring equipment, laboratory equipment, patient exam tables and more.

    Jane Forbes Clark, president of the Scriven Foundation, says, "The Scriven Foundation is pleased to support Bassett Medical Center as it refocuses on strengthening fundamental patient care quality and safety issues under Dr. LeCates’ capable leadership. We are committed to working alongside Dr. LeCates and Bassett Medical Center in improving health outcomes across the region."

    Bassett Medical Center, the foundation of Bassett Healthcare Network, is a 180-bed acute care inpatient teaching hospital located in Cooperstown, NY, employing 3,000 people. The medical center offers a broad range of specialty care and maintains a strong academic program through its affiliation with Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. The medical center is also a medical school campus of Columbia P&S. To learn more about services available throughout the Bassett Healthcare Network, visit www.bassett.org. Follow Bassett on Facebook and Twitter at facebook.com/Bassett.Network and twitter.com/BassettNetwork.

    The Scriven Foundation, based in New York City, has a many-year history of providing financial support to charitable organizations throughout Otsego County.

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