• Bassett Healthcare Network Will Publish "Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, New York: 200 Years of Health Care in Rural America" by John S. Davis, MD

    March 29, 2017

    Cooperstown, N.Y. – Bassett Healthcare Network, with support from the Friends of Bassett Healthcare Network, will release an illustrated history of the institution entitled “Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown, New York: 200 Years of Health Care in Rural America”early this summer.

    The publication offers a rich compendium of materials tracing the development of the hospital from its earliest days to the sophisticated health care network of today. In its 24 chapters, the author explores the relationships and shared visions of three prominent local families, the Bassett family, the Coopers, and the Clarks, whose connections and interests shaped the organization.

    The book is the result of years of research and writing by Dr. John S. Davis, a dedicated member of the Bassett community and former physician on staff. Davis has meticulously chronicled the development of this nationally-recognized rural health care network. In addition to highlighting the contributions of its key families, Davis shares the work of perceptive leaders and dedicated employees who transformed Bassett from a small rural hospital to a multi-county integrated network.

    Opening with a look at the practice of medicine in the second half of the 19th century, Davis examines the careers of Dr. Mary Imogene Bassett and her parents who were both physicians. The book recounts the transition from the Thanksgiving Hospital, precursor of the present institution, through the early period of the facility built by Edward Severin Clark for Dr. Mary Imogene Bassett, and into the late 1920s when after several years of inactivity Bassett re-emerged as an academic institution with the three missions of patient care, teaching and research as it continues today.

    Davis’ narrative provides the stories behind many of Bassett’s notable achievements such as its provision in the early 1930s of one of the nation’s first plans for prepaid medical care and its many groundbreaking avenues of medical research, especially the research that lead to a Nobel Prize in Medicine. 

    With access to exclusive archive material, the 300-page book contains more than 300 photographs, detailing influential clinicians, groundbreaking research and a full account of the history of medicine at Bassett and its influence in Cooperstown and beyond.

    This limited edition will be available in early June. Advance book orders are encouraged and purchases may be reserved for $39.95 plus shipping and handling. This offer is good while supplies last. All proceeds from the sale benefit Bassett Healthcare Network. Reserve online at:


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