• Bassett Earns Statewide Award for Quality and Safety

    Bassett Medical Center

    June 27, 2017

    79b771a0472be3426d96b037a764cd87_f3163.jpgCooperstown, N.Y. – A year ago, Bassett Medical Center launched an aggressive and comprehensive program to improve the management and outcomes of patients with diabetes and high blood pressure, thereby enhancing patients’ quality of life. Project teams comprised of key stakeholders from across clinical and non-clinical areas came together to analyze current practices, identify opportunities for improvement and develop evidence-based protocols to effect positive change. The results were significant and earned Bassett the Healthcare Association of New York State’s (HANYS) 2017 Pinnacle Award for Quality and Safety. The award recognizes organizations that are playing a leading role in promoting improvements in health care delivery in New York State. This is the second year in a row Bassett Medical Center has earned HANYS’ prestigious Pinnacle Award for Quality and Safety.

    Bassett Healthcare Network President and CEO Vance M. Brown, MD, said, “The recognition from HANYS validates the hard work of Bassett’s staff to continually enhance patient care. There is a shared sense of purpose and commitment to always developing better systems, tools and techniques to benefit our patients and improve outcomes. I congratulate our care teams and thank HANYS for honoring Bassett with this award.”

    Among the outcomes achieved:

    • An 11 percent increase in hypertension control for Bassett’s patient population
    • A 10 percent increase in hypertension control for patients with diabetes
    • A 98 percent increase in depression screening of these patients, and
    • A 7 percent increase in nephropathy screening

    These results are also expected to lead to a reduction in strokes, heart attacks and complications related to diabetes within Bassett Healthcare Network’s patient population.

    Chief Medical Information Officer Dr. Scott Cohen said, “I am grateful to the entire clinical operations and performance improvement team for their incredible work in improving patient care at Bassett. Without this highly integrated and dedicated group, which is heavily supported by Bassett's administrators, this successful endeavor would not have been remotely possible."

    One of the key drivers of Bassett’s success was the ability to increase access to real-time information to attain and maintain continuous quality improvement. The workgroups established new clinical guidelines and protocols for high blood pressure and diabetes; they developed a newsletter containing information critical to performance improvement, and they distributed electronic medical record “tips and tricks” to support adherence to the new protocols. In addition, tools were developed to identify and enhance management of patients with gaps in care.

    Bassett plans to use the process improvement strategies developed as a part of this project to improve outcomes in other clinical areas as well. Ultimately, the changes will help achieve population health improvement, enhanced quality of care and cost reduction in the delivery of care.

    Bassett was honored with the Pinnacle Award at HANYS’ 49th annual membership conference. HANYS President Bea Grause, said, “Hospitals, health systems, and other providers throughout the state all demonstrate an unwavering commitment to providing high-quality care, and we are pleased to recognize these efforts.”

    There were 86 applications submitted from hospitals around the state in 2017 for the Pinnacle Award. HANYS encourages other hospitals to garner ideas and identify best practices for quality and safety improvement from published award submissions. More information is available at www.hanys.org.

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