• 1,000th Baby Born in 2017 at Bassett Medical Center’s Birthing Center

    Bassett Medical Center

    December 23, 2017

    eb7ef4fe3bae5e2473d8f32d323b6103_f3775.jpgBaby no. 1,000 for 2017 was born Dec. 19 at 3:57 a.m. at Bassett Medical Center, making it a very exciting day for Paula Waffle and Eric Johnson of Brookfield and their family, as well as for Bassett’s birthing center family! 

    Maverick James Johnson, who weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz. and was 21 inches long, made his entrance early Tuesday morning as the 1,000th baby to be born at the Bassett Birthing Center for the year. Maverick had a bit of a rough start to life, including having the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck during delivery, but his parents were pleased that their son was able to receive the care he needed in Bassett's special care nursery for his first few days. Maverick will join another brother and two sisters at home. “My life is very chaotic but I don’t mind it,” says his mother Paula.

    A specially-made blanket to welcome Maverick as the 1,000th baby born in 2017 at Bassett’s birthing center was made by birthing center staff and was presented to his parents, along with a large gift basket containing many goodies and baby-related items. His parents were very pleased with their experience and the care received. A grateful Paula notes, “Everyone’s been great, very reassuring.”

    Maverick's father, Eric Johnson, says, “It’s been fantastic, from the doctors to the cleaning staff.”

    Currently, there are two nighttime obstetric hospitalists, one day obstetric hospitalist, five nurse midwives and seven OB/GYNs that deliver obstetric care, as well as the four full-time inpatient nurse practitioners and four pediatricians who care for the babies at the Birthing Center.

    Maverick was delivered and cared for by Bassett's OB and pediatric providers, and birthing center nursing staff. The pediatrics team, which includes inpatient pediatric nurse practitioners and pediatricians, share on-call responsibility for newborns, and make rounds on every newborn, every day. This team and the birthing center nursing staff have played a crucial part in the excellence and growth of the Bassett Birthing Center, keeping all 1,000 babies delivered at Bassett in 2017 happy and healthy.

    As part of a major renovation of the Bassett Birthing Center in 2011, the labor and delivery rooms were expanded, all post-partum rooms were made private and an operating room dedicated to the birthing center was added. In addition, birthing tubs are available to laboring mothers.

    One thousand births in one year is the most births Bassett's Birthing Center has ever had in a year's time.

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