• Robotic-Assisted Partial Knee Replacement


    May 2, 2018

    The best knee for your body is your own knee. So, for patients suffering from knee pain and/or arthritis in specific areas of the knee, Bassett orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Scott is able to offer partial knee replacement surgery that keeps in place some of the healthy parts of a patient's own knee. Utilizing robotic-assisted navigation, Dr. Scott is able to tailor a patient's surgery to the conditions of the patient's knee at the time of the surgery. This custom, technologically-advanced approach has his patients back on their feet faster than traditional surgery methods, and with a knee that feels more natural to them. Watch to learn more.

    • HPV Vaccination: It Prevents Cancer

      Prevention of HPV infections and the associated cancers is very effective. When groups of individuals who received HPV vaccine were studied, it has been reported that 97% developed antibodies to the specific viruses.

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    • Stop Cancer with the HPV Vaccine

      The HPV vaccine is recommended for boys and girls beginning at age 11. This is important because it has been proven to prevent certain forms of cancer. Hear more from Bassett’s chief of pediatrics Dr. Philip Heavner.

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