• Paving the Way for Healthier Future


    November 21, 2018

    Marianne Rae a registered nurse from Cooperstown, is helping the medical world find better cancer treatments in a way she never imagined.

    Rae was offered the chance to participate in a clinical trial in May 2017 after being diagnosed with early stage HR-positive and HER2-negative breast cancer.

    “I talked with my family and the nurses, and I decided I’d like to be a part of this trial,” she says. “I wanted to be around to see grandchildren, and if there was an opportunity to kill any remaining cancer cells, I wanted to do it.”

    The clinical trial is a phase 3 study to evaluate the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drug, Palbociclib, in combination with the hormone therapy used to treat Rae’s particular type of cancer.

    No Regrets

    When Rae added Palbociclib to her treatment plan, she developed some side effects that prompted her hematologist-oncologist, Eric Bravin, MD, to recommend she discontinue the medication.

    “We appreciate our patients’ willingness to participate in clinical trials that may not only benefit them but other patients in the future,” Dr. Bravin says.

    Today, Rae remains in the part of the clinical trial comparing standard hormone therapy with the standard treatment in combination with Palbociclib.

    “I don’t regret anything I did,” Rae says. “I feel like I helped myself, and the results of the clinical trial will inform future treatment decisions for other cancer patients.”

    Marching Forward

    “You can’t really identify with a patient who has cancer unless you’ve been on that journey yourself,” Rae says. “There is that nagging fear always. Is this going to come back?

    Did they get all of it? You have to march forward, think good thoughts and make plans—big and small.

    “The team in the Bassett Cancer Institute understands everything you are going through. It is a very nurturing environment. I was very well taken care of, and I was very impressed.”

    Clinical trials at Bassett

    •  Are essential to fi nding better ways to prevent, treat and cure cancer.
    • Offer innovative treatments to patients at all stages of cancer.

    Could you benefi t from a clinical trial? For more information about the trials at Bassett Cancer Institute, visit trialsbassett.org or call us (toll-free) at 877-547-1750.