• Patient Care, Their Passion

    May 18, 2018

    "This is why we do this every day, this why we come back every day and do our job." After caring for a patient with cancer, Ilona and a team of nurses feared the chances of getting well were slim. But they never stopped caring and did everything they could for their patient. Miraculously, 6 months later, their efforts proved successful, and their patient walked back into the ICU, healthy and to say ‘thanks’. At Bassett, we don’t just care for you; we care about you.

    • HPV Vaccination: It Prevents Cancer

      Prevention of HPV infections and the associated cancers is very effective. When groups of individuals who received HPV vaccine were studied, it has been reported that 97% developed antibodies to the specific viruses.

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    • Stop Cancer with the HPV Vaccine

      The HPV vaccine is recommended for boys and girls beginning at age 11. This is important because it has been proven to prevent certain forms of cancer. Hear more from Bassett’s chief of pediatrics Dr. Philip Heavner.

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