• A New Year's Resolution from a Dietitian

    Health & Wellness

    January 11, 2018

    e421ef883ff63001b08b7c9ec7410cff_f3846.jpgMake your New Year's Resolution last by setting goals that are attainable. clinical nutrition manager at Bassett Medical Center, Andrea Johnson, gives us an educated tip to making a better you, 

    "Making a New Year’s Resolution doesn’t have to entail a drastic change. Small changes that are easy to incorporate into your everyday routine can produce long lasting results. This is especially true regarding diet. Some attainable goals may be replacing a dessert or treat with a piece of fresh fruit. Try to add one or two additional servings of vegetables to your current diet plan. Substitute whole grains for simple carbohydrates. And be sure to aim for enough fluid throughout the day; a general recommendation is a minimum of 64 ounces daily. Here’s to happy and healthier 2018!" 

    - Andrea Johnson, MS, RD, CDE, CDN, Clinical Nutrition Manager at Bassett Healthcare Network

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