• How to help quiet a child's fears

    Children's Health/Pediatrics

    February 16, 2017

    One of the greatest fears children have after a natural disaster is being left alone or separated from their family.e06e47198efac8b4bd6d635bb9304c5e_f2763.jpg

    You can help calm their fears by:

    • Keeping the family together as much as possible. Make the children a part of everything you do.
    • Hug and touch your children as often as you can.
    • Reassure your children that you love them and will be there to take care of them.
    • Calmly tell them what happened. Let them know you have plans to keep them safe.
    • Keep them apprised of what will happen next. For example, tell them, "We all are going to be staying together at a shelter tonight."
    • Encourage them to ask questions and talk about how they feel. Resist the urge to tell them to be brave.
    • Give them chores to do so they can feel like they're useful and have some control over the situation.

    Sources: American Academy of Pediatrics; U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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