• Fantastic Results from Gastric Bypass Surgery

    Bariatric-Weight Loss

    April 1, 2017

    Stephanie.jpg“WEIGHT-LOSS surgery has given me a whole new life—a whole new lease on life—because I’m able to physically do things with the kids that I wasn’t able to do before,” says Fort Plain resident Stephanie Paradiso. “I never, ever have been an athletic person, but I can run 5Ks and finish them in less than an hour, a huge accomplishment considering I started at almost  40 years old to run for the first time.”

    In January 2014, Steven Heneghan, MD, performed gastric bypass surgery on Paradiso, and she has gone from a high of 287 pounds down to 133 pounds. At her six-month check, she was down 110 pounds. She has lost nearly 100 percent of her excess body weight.

    One reason Bassett Healthcare Network’s surgical weight-loss program is successful for patients is the rigorous presurgery program. Patients learn about types of surgery, attend orientation sessions, receive a full medical assessment and review  proper nutrition and exercise.

    Tips from Stephanie 

    • “We’ve changed the way we shop. We have a lot more fruit in the house to snack on. Now if I or the kids want a snack, we go grab an apple or an orange. You have to completely change the way you think about food.”  
    • “You have to be ready to incorporate exercise.”  
    • “You have to want to do it for yourself. I feel better emotionally and physically, and I think I’ve become a better person through it all.”
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