• Dr. Herbst's Game Plan for Treatment


    May 29, 2018

    KRISTEN HERBST, DO, is a former athletic trainer and competitive athlete turned orthopedic surgeon who found her passion as a shoulder and sports medi- cine specialist helping athletes and others recover from an injury and return to the things they love to do.

    “I’ve been an athlete my whole life, and as my schedule allows, I still like to par- ticipate in everything—from 5Ks to mara- thons and triathlons,” says Dr. Herbst. “I identify with my patients, whether they’re eager to get back to competition or simply manage their pain to have a better quality of life.”

    Dr. Herbst is board-certified in orthopedic surgery and specializes in sports med- icine, arthroscopy and shoulder surgery, including total shoulder replacement. She treats nonoperative sprains and strains, torn ligaments, rotator cuff tears, labral tears, and severe arthritis requiring total joint replacement.

    Your Best Bet

    “Whether you are a weekend warrior playing a pick-up game, a competitive athlete or an older individual limited by chronic arthritis pain, there are a variety of op- tions that can help,” says Dr. Herbst.

    “Many patients’ symptoms can be managed very well using a noninvasive, nonoperative approach, such as with anti-inflammatory medications, a steroid injection or physical therapy. When those

    treatments have been exhausted or if the injury is severe, then surgery may be the best approach. It really depends on the mechanism that led to the injury, as well as the individual’s expectations, age and activity level.”

    Twice as strong

    James Mirtallo, 65, of Stamford, has had shoulder replace- ment on both sides. Recently, Kristen Herbst, DO, operated on Mirtallo’s right shoulder to fix debilitating pain.

    “It’s only been a few months, and it feels so much better and twice as strong as before,” says Mirtallo. “The pain before surgery was so bad I couldn’t be active, and I like to walk, hunt and fish. I had left shoulder replace-

    ment a few years ago, and it helped so much—I had been taking pain medication for 10 years. When I had the right shoulder replaced in February, it was like the beginning of a new life for me. I have so much more range of motion than I did before, and I can walk up the mountains again.”

    Dr. Herbst says: “Reverse total shoulder replacement arthroplasty enables experienced shoulder surgeons to treat patients with conditions that previously had no solution. These conditions include rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability and arthritis that has not been resolved with other treatments.”

    Healing Hands

    Dr. Herbst sees patients at Oneonta Specialty Services and FoxCare Center in Oneonta. She has provided medical coverage for high school, college and professional sporting organizations.Her training includes an arthroscopy fellowship. Ask your provider for a referral.

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