• David's Weight Loss Surgery

    Bariatric-Weight Loss

    May 16, 2018

    David loves cars. He loves them so much that he went into the automotive repair business, and he races modified stock cars. But eventually David's weight gain caught up to him. Unable to race or keep up with his business, David knew something had to give. That is when he found the weight loss program at Bassett Healthcare. With dedication and the support he received from the program, David is back behind the wheel and business is good. Learn more about Bassett's weight loss program here.

    • The Hidden Dangers of Grilling Outside

      With warm, sunny weekends approaching, you can bet a lot of us are planning a menu that includes an outdoor BBQ. But did you know that grill brush you use to clean your barbecue grill could pose a real risk? In fact, they've caused over 1,700 emergency room visits.

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    • Our Patients, Our Neighbors, Our Friends

      For the practitioners and nurses who work at Bassett Healthcare, patient care is not a job, it’s their passion. Take a minute to listen to what they have to say…

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