• Check Your Heart Before You Start

    Cardiology/Heart Care

    January 2, 2017

    iStock_87947991_LARGE.jpgRegular Exercise Plays an Important Part in Lowering Your Risks

    REGULAR exercise is an important way to lower your risk of heart disease, but you may wonder if it is safe for you to begin an exercise program or increase your level of exercise.

    Bassett Heart Care Institute’s Pre-Exercise Heart Screening Program is ready to help you reduce the risk for cardiovascular problems associated with participation in routine exercise as well as competitive and recreational sports.

    “This program is important for not only older athletes who may have been sedentary but who want to start exercising or ramp up their exercise program, but it’s also appropriate for younger athletes who may have inherited a genetic abnormality that puts them at risk for having a serious cardiac problem when playing competitive or team sports,” says Merle Myerson, MD, Bassett cardiologist and applied and exercise physiology expert. “We want people to exercise—whether that’s walking every day or running a 10K. Exercise is great for your heart, and we want you to do it safely.”

    The program is designed for individuals: 

    • Who have been inactive and want to start an exercise program or are active but wish to intensify their exercise. 
    • Who want to play competitive or team sports or participate at a higher level in a sport. 
    • With a family history of sudden cardiac death, irregular heart rhythms or congenital heart problems.  
    • Who have symptoms including fainting, chest pain or shortness of breath with exercise.
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