• Back On His Feet

    Diabetes & Kidney Care, Podiatry

    November 17, 2015

    Many diabetics suffer foot pain or neuropathy, not realizing they may be a candidate for a simple procedure that can provide enormous relief. Tarsal tunnel release eliminated Harley Edson’s diabetes-related foot pain.

    • Loud Snoring May Be a Sign of Sleep Apnea

      If you frequently wake in the morning without feeling completely rested and have a difficult time staying awake during the day, or your bed partner complains about your loud snoring at night, you may have sleep apnea.

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    • Cardiac Ablation Therapy at Bassett Healthcare Network

      Fred Hendricks lived with an abnormal heart rhythm for years and because his heart wasn’t working right, he had significant trouble getting around. Then he met Dr. James Storey and the rest of the electrophysiology team at Bassett, who fixed Fred’s bad heart using a technique known as cryoablation.

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