Graduate Nurse - Inpatient Services

The Graduate Nurse (GN) is responsible for the delivery of safe patient care utilizing the nursing process.  The GN assesses, plans, delivers, implements, and evaluates nursing care.  The GN advocates for patients through coordination of care with the interdisciplinary team.  The GN assures that care provided is consistent with standards, regulations, statues, and laws that guide the professional nursing practice.

Key Benefits of this Position:

  • Full-time, 6:45pm - 7:15am, allowing for smooth handoff communication between shifts; every third weekend (Friday & Saturday)

  • There is no "floating" in this department; even after orientation is complete.  We believe in the evidence that demonstrates that it is unsafe to have nurses in environments of care unfamiliar to the practice that they typically work in and have been well oriented to.

  • Nurses work every 3rd weekend, not every other weekend.

  • All staff work 12 hours shifts to enhance communication and care coordination.

  • Nurses work exclusively with Certified Nursing Assistants who have had formal education, testing, and certification in their work.

  • Patient population is acute, subacute, and Hospice Respite.

  • We offer a unique practice setting in which nurses are able to realize the practice of nursing to it fullest extent in patient and family education, advocacy, coordination of care, and performance improvement.

  • Orientation

    • Orientation for the GN will be completed during the hours 6:45am - 7:15pm.  When competency deemed satisfactory, the GN will move to the night shift.

    • Orientation is competency based derived from nursing policies and protocols.  This provides assurance that the skill level required for specific care and processes is met.

    • Orientees are oriented with one RN on that RN's schedule.  This promotes continuity, communication, and a strong professional relationship between the RN and the GN.

    • Only RNs who have completed the RN Preceptor Course have the distinction of being a preceptor for orientees.  This is part of our commitment to a comprehensive orientation program.

    • When it is mutually agreeable between the preceptor, GN, and Nurse Manager, the orientation process is concluded and the GN manages an assignment independently.


Associates Degree in Nursing required.


  • NYS licensure as a Registered Professional Nurse required within 3 months of employment.

  • BLS Certification required within thirty days of hire. (provided by the organization)

  • ACLS required within six months of hire. (provided by the organization)


  • Ability to provide caring and compassionate patient care.

  • Ability to develop critical thinking skills

  • Ability to contribute to a healthy work environment.

  • Ability to develop strong time-management and organizational skills.

  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to tolerate prolonged standing, occasional sitting and routine walking.

  • Ability to lift, possibly heaving lifting in support of patient positioning and medical equipment management.

For confidential consideration, please contact:

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Posted:  3/23/2017, Updated 6/2/2017

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