Shoulder and Sports Medicine Research

Dr. Jocelyn Wittstein is an orthopaedic surgeon specialized in shoulder and sports medicine surgery. Her areas of clinical interest are treatment of shoulder injuries including rotator cuff tendon tears, instability and labral tears, acromioclavicular joint injuries, clavicle and humerus fractures, as well as arthritis of the shoulder. She also has an interest in managing knee injuries including patellar dislocations, cartilage injuries, ligament tears such as ACL tears, and meniscal injuries. Dr. Wittstein also treats acute and overuse injuries in elbows such as MUCL tears requiring Tommy John surgery.

Shoulder1.pngDr. Wittstein also maintains a registry of patient outcomes for knee, shoulder, and hip surgery. Dr Wittstein has a certificate of added qualification in sports medicine and is team physician for Hartwick college and SUNY Onoenta. She is also assistant clinical professor of orthopaedic surgery at Columbia University Medical Center and is the program Chairperson for the semi-annual Cooperstown Shoulder and Elbow Symposium, hosted in Cooperstown, NY with nationally recognized shoulder and elbow experts as well as guest speakers such as Tommy John and Jamie Moyer in recent years. The presence of the national Baseball Hall of Fame and the large population of youth baseball players in the region has made Cooperstown a natural site to focus on the study of shoulder and elbow injuries in youth baseball.

Much of the Research Institute work in Sports Injury relates directly to Dr. Wittstein’s clinical practice. This includes investigations into:

  • causes of arthritis in athletes who tear their ACLs,
  • bone bruise and mensical tear patterns in knees with ACL tears,
  • causes of overuse injuries of the shoulder and elbow in youth throwers,
  • the relationship of acromial morphology to shoulder pain and presence of rotator cuff tears,
  • an FDA trial of a stemless total shoulder system that recently was approved by the FDA

More detailed information can be found at Bassett's Shoulder & Sports Medicine Research Institute web page.


Former MLB pitcher Tommy John underwent pioneering surgery on the elbow of his throwing arm in the mid-1970’s and subsequently returned for All Star seasons with the Dodgers and Yankees.

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