Ambulatory Surgery

Brief Description

Provides a unique experience in a busy multi-specialty surgical outpatient clinic. The students can arrange their own schedules to accommodate individual interests as well as reinforcing basic surgical care. Emphasis is placed on learning and doing with hands-on patient evaluation, management, and treatment in a one-on-one setting with the surgical attendings.


To emphasize the diversity and importance of outpatient management in the context of surgical practice particularly for those whose surgical experience has been limited to the inpatient setting. Additionally, this elective should complement other clinic experiences and help broaden the student's view relating to the scope of outpatient medicine.

Learning Experience

The student has the opportunity to work individually with attending supervision in all the outpatient surgical fields. The rotation is designed to be flexible so that students can tailor their schedules for individual needs. With this exposure, students can develop the skills and perform a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic activities (excisions, endoscopy, fracture clinic, etc.).


Learning is a 2-way street. The idea of this rotation is to share knowledge. Throughout the rotation, the goals are constantly reassessed between the student and the staff in order to improve the quality of the rotation. At the end of the rotation, the student is asked to evaluate their experience.


Students are evaluated by all with whom they work: nurses, physician assistants, residents, and attendings.


Maximum number of fourth year students per month: 1.  No night call.  Housing is provided, with the exception of the months of June and July.  Course is a minimum of 3 weeks.

Course Director

Dr. Robert A. Lancey


Members of the Attending Surgical Staff.

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