Medical Student Programs

Bassett offers educational experiences for students at all levels. First and second year medical students may participate in programs offered by the Bassett Research Institute, while third and fourth year students may rotate to Bassett as part of a required clerkship or elective experience in one of more than thirty areas of study.

Why Choose Bassett?

Today's medical students face the problem of ever earlier career decisions. We have attempted to provide this in the design of our student programs. First, the spectrum on patients within each department is deliberately broad with a mixing of subspecialties to provide the widest simultaneous experience. Second, the close relationship of students and full-time faculty enables the student to see first hand the actual day-to-day practice of a given discipline. Third, sequences of electives in various fields can be arranged with support from the student's dean.

All of the faculty preceptors involved in undergraduate medical education are available to act as references for postgraduate training programs. The close working relationships developed with these preceptors offers an opportunity for recommendation by a faculty member who has personal knowledge of your abilities and goals.

Bassett faculty members are all full-time and practice at Bassett because they are committed to the Hospital's 3 major missions: Patient Care, Teaching, and Research. Students, at all levels, provide the academic stimulus they need to complement both their clinical practice and study.

We welcome your participation in our undergraduate programs and encourage your interest in our graduate medical education programs (Transitional Year; Preliminary, (3-year) categorical and (3-year) Columbia-Bassett Primary Care Internal Medicine; Preliminary and General (5-year) Surgery; Transitional - Preventative Medicine with Johns Hopkins). Please let us know how we can help you.

All Electives at Bassett must have prior approval from Medical Education. Contact the Bassett Healthcare Medical Education office at 1-888-547-6349, or by email at

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