Illness & Injury

Bassett's team of health care professionals provides comprehensive assessment and treatment of a full range of childhood illnesses for infants through adolescents. And through anticipatory guidance, parents and caregivers can learn how to avoid certain injuries and common childhood illnesses. Emergency care is also available locally at several Bassett locations.

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What should I do if my child is sick or injured?

When should I call my healthcare provider?

How do I get an appointment?

Where are Bassett's health clinics located?

When does my child need emergency care?

Where are Bassett's emergency rooms located?

What Should I Do If My Child is Sick or Injured?
Sometimes, when your child isn't feeling well you know just what to do and say to make him or her feel better. Common colds, scrapes and bruises are part and parcel of growing up. Most illnesses don't require any more than bed rest, fluids and, if appropriate, fever and pain relief medicines that help the child feel more comfortable as the cold runs its course.

The following is information to help parents or guardians decide what course of action to take in the event a child is ill or injured. Of course, common sense should also be your guide. If a child's condition appears to be serious or even life threatening, immediate emergency care is advised. If you are unsure what course of action to take, speak with your health care provider.


When Should I Call My Health Care Provider?
If your child's illness persists more than a couple of days, call your health care provider, especially if your child has the following symptoms.

  • Fever above 100.4 degrees under 3 months of age 
  • Infectious disease such as chicken pox
  • Labored or difficult breathing
  • Not eating, drinking or urinating 
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Persistent high fever that doesn't respond to over-the-counter fever reducers
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Skin infection or rash


How Do I Get An Appointment?
For an appointment, call Bassett toll free at 1-800-BASSETT (1-800-227-7388) or call the Bassett Health Center with pediatric services nearest you directly.


Where Are Bassett's Health Clinics Located?
Bassett Healthcare Network includes several health centers throughout the region. Click on a location below for the health center nearest you with pediatrics services.

Canajoharie Health Center, 56 Montgomery St., Canajoharie
Community Health Center, 2 Main St., Cherry Valley
Cobleskill Health Center, 136 Parkway Drive, Cobleskill
Cobleskill Regional Hospital, 178 Grandview Drive, Cobleskill 
Bassett Medical Center, One Atwell Road, Cooperstown
Delanson Health Center, One Cooley Heights, Delanson
Delhi Health Center, 460 Andes Rd., Delhi
Edmeston Health Center, 2106 Rte. 80, Edmeston
Hamilton Health Center, 160 Broad St., Hamilton
Herkimer Health Center, 321 E. Albany St., Herkimer
Little Falls Hospital, 140 Burwell St. Little Falls 
Morris Health Center, 93 Main St., Morris
Norwich Health Center, 55 Calvary Drive, Norwich
O’Connor Hospital, Andes Road, Delhi
Oneonta Health Center, 125 Main St., Oneonta
Richfield Springs Health Center, 8550 State Highway 28, Richfield Springs
St. Johnsville Health Center, 8 Park Place St., St. Johnsville
Schoharie Health Center, 111 Barton Hill Rd., Schoharie
Sharon Springs Health Center, 591-1 Rte. 20, Sharon Springs
Sherburne Health Center, 20 Chapel St., Sherburne
Unadilla Health Center, 16 Clifton St., Unadilla
Walton Health Center, 130 North Street, Walton
West Winfield Health Center, 544 East Main St., West Winfield


When Does My Child Need Emergency Care?
In case of emergency, either call 911 or your local emergency rescue squad, or go to the nearest emergency room. If you are unsure if your child needs to go to the emergency room, call 1-800-BASSETT (227-7388) or your healthcare provider and speak with a triage nurse who can help you decide where your child should be seen. 


Where Are Bassett's Emergency Rooms Located?
Bassett offers 24-hour emergency services at four locations - Bassett Medical Center in Cooperstown, O'Conner Hospital in Delhi,  Cobelskill Regional Hospital in Cobleskill, and Little Falls Hospital.  The Herkimer Health Center also has an convenient care facility that can treat your child as well.

For more information, call Bassett Healthcare Network at 1-800-BASSETT (1-800-227-7388).