Cancer Institute

The Bassett Cancer Institute offers a nationally accredited, multidisciplinary team approach to cancer care. Since nearly all forms of cancer call for more than one type of therapy, Bassett’s medical, radiation and surgical oncologists work together as an even larger team focused on the needs of individual patients. Some of the services provided by Bassett’s Cancer Institute include radiology, laboratory, nutritional counseling, social work and other support services.

Cancer services are provided in Cooperstown, Oneonta, Sidney, Cobleskill and Herkimer, making it possible for patients to receive care close to their homes.

American College of Surgeons
Cancer Program Practice Profile Reports (CP3R)
Bassett Healthcare 2009-2011


A number of managed care plans and most traditional health insurance plans participate with Bassett.

The treatment of cancer patients requires a multidisciplinary team approach, since nearly all forms of cancer call for more than one type of therapy. Important aspects of the Bassett Cancer Institute:

  • A weekly multidisciplinary Tumor Board provides a forum for physicians to present and discuss particularly complex or educationally informative cases with their colleagues. This tumor board encourages input from colleagues so that very difficult treatment decisions can be reached in a timely, efficient manner. This is also an educational forum for staff members involved in caring for cancer patients, assuring that all caregivers are kept up-to-date with the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Bassett’s Cancer Program has been continuously accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer since 1947. In addition to sponsoring the multidisciplinary Tumor Board, the Cancer Program provides evaluation of and improvement in the quality of care and assures that the multidisciplinary approach is utilized.
  • The Cancer Registry collects data on all cancer patients diagnosed and treated at Bassett and provides feedback to the physicians regarding the quality of the care delivered to our cancer patients. It also serves as a confidential database for physicians wishing to study the diagnosis and treatment of cancer at this institution. Even more importantly, the Cancer Registry assures that all cancer patients receive adequate follow-up for the rest of their lives.