Bassett to Host Emergency Preparedness Fair

August 1, 2014

Bassett Medical Center is set to host its annual Emergency Preparedness Fair, which brings together both staff and the public each year in an effort to inform on how to prepare for times of crisis. With the theme “Are you really prepared? Planning for children and pets,” Bassett hopes to provide the community with resources and information on emergency preparedness at home.

On September 12, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Bassett Clinic on River Street, a variety of organizations will come together to focus on how to respond in times of emergencies to help each other and themselves. The event is free.

“Knowing how you are going to care for children and pets in an emergency is of critical importance,” says Network Emergency Preparedness Manager Brinton Muller. “Each of us needs to assure we have care plans in place so that we know children and pets will be safe if the emergency occurs while we are away. In the case of health care workers, having care plans in place for the family and pets also allows us to be available to our patients.”

Bassett Medical Center puts on this fair each year to provide the public with information on emergency preparations at home. Attendees come away with simple steps they can take to improve their safety in the event of an emergency. One suggestion offered by the Department of Emergency Preparedness is to have a simple “File of Life” magnet on your refrigerator. These magnets are readily visible to anyone coming to assist during an emergency and contain the patient’s contact information, provider information, and information about any medicines they are on. Another step is having “go-kits” available in your home and car. These kits contain essential items, such as clothing, medicine, cash, insurance documents, personal care items, and enough food for two to three days.

The emergency preparedness fair will include vendors and representatives from local organizations, such as Bieritz Insurance, Otsego Public Health and Emergency Services, WKTV, Newschannel 2, Utica, and a variety of others. In addition, emergency preparedness staff from Bassett Medical Center will be on hand to answer questions.

“The crucial information provided to both the public and our staff is what makes this program so important,” states Muller. “All of these efforts can benefit both Bassett and the community by making sure everyone is well informed on how to be prepared in an emergency situation.”

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