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Heritage Gallery

Welcome. These photos, which depict scenes and people from the hospital’s early years, are from the hospital archives. Most of them were taken by Cobleskill photographer Harold Toles.


Community Hospital of Schoharie County is almost complete, 1956.


Electricians at work, 1955.

Board Member Abraham Kivort helps with the cornerstone, 1955.

“I remember that Board members and other volunteers raked the lawn to plant grass seed.” – 1956 Board Member Roger Becker, speaking about the hospital’s construction.

The Dedication Ceremony included a community picnic, 1956.

Dedication Ceremony, August 11, 1956.

“I remember it was a bright, sunny day and I was sunburned.” – Auxiliary and Board member Mary Phillips (wife of Dr. Seeley Phillips, a 1956 Board member), speaking about the Dedication Ceremony.

Dan Jansen, the hospital’s first Administrator, unlocks the front door, August, 11, 1956.

A hospital room as it appeared at the first Open House, August 1956.

X-ray machine, 1956.

Pediatric patient, 1956.

Pennies from schoolchildren – the fundraising didn’t stop once the hospital opened.

Marjory Johnson burned the mortgage at the 5th anniversary, August 1961.

Auxiliary members gathered on the lawn, 1961.

Lewis Wilson, Dr. James Drew, and Ted Brinkman break ground for Operation Update, mid-70s.

Artist’s rendering of Operation Update expansion project, late 1970s.

Cobleskill Regional Hospital History