Rural Community Health

 About the Rural Community Health Division

A key priority of The Bassett Research Institute is to respond to the health priorities of the largely rural communities of central New York. Underpinning the Institute's many efforts from basic science to community intervention and education are results of decades of work on the Upstate Health and Wellness Survey
This survey of more than 11,000 families continues The Research Institute's 20-year trending of health issues throughout seven counties in Bassett's service area, including healthy weight maintenance and overweight in adults; exercise and obesity in children; aging; and access to health care. 
This study is done in partnership with county public health offices and other regional health resources. Data from this work combined with existing regional data on behavioral risks in both adults and children provide Bassett investigators with a clear view of the health challenges and priorities for this region. The work of coming years will involve devising and testing community-level interventions aimed at some of the region's most serious health challenges.
Community Partnerships
The Research Institute's Rural Health Education Network of Delaware, Otsego, Montgomery and Schoharie Counties (RHENDOMS) [make clickable to RHENDOMS home page] operates in schools and workplaces in these counties to enhance understanding of factors that contribute to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other community health challenges. 
Rural Three for Tobacco Free Communities (Rural Three) is a New York State Department of Health grant-funded program through the Division of Chronic Disease Prevention and Adult Health under the Tobacco Control Program. 
The purpose of Rural Three, which is housed at the Bassett Research Institute, is to educate community leaders and the public about the dangers and social costs of tobacco. The program aims to engage local businesses and organizations to adopt policies and resolutions that restrict tobacco industry presence, eliminate secondhand smoke and address tobacco industry advertising and sponsorship. Rural Three serves Delaware, Otsego and Schoharie Counties.
Worksite Interventions
The New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH) manages several worksite efforts, including:
  • A trial of a worksite-based weight management program is underway in a number of locations throughout a five-county region.
  • HealthWorks, which provides employment assistance programs and worksite wellness opportunities.
  • A large database relating to the health of rural volunteer firefighters.