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Scientists at the Bassett Research Institute are involved in a range of projects to address the health problems of the largely rural population of central New York, from learning more about diabetes to community efforts to improve dental care in school children. 

"The Research Institute partners with county public health officials, community health alliances and others interested in addressing the health challenges faced by the communities of rural central New York," explains John May, M.D., director of the Bassett Research Institute. "Additionally, we stimulate and support Bassett clinicians in academic, intellectual and clinical improvement endeavors. We must perform these activities in a way that is both measurable and sustainable."

Research has been an important component of Bassett's work and an integral part of its history. Researchers' work is published in leading medical journals and scientists and clinicians speak about their areas of expertise at meetings and conferences around the world. 

Work at the institute is performed in one of four divisions, Basic Science, Rural Community Health, Clinical Research and Biostatistics & Computing. 

Underpinning these efforts are the investigations embedded in the Upstate Health and Wellness Survey. This survey of more than 11,000 families continues the Research Institute's 20-year trending of health issues throughout  the Bassett Healthcare Network's central New York service area. 

The survey addresses specific hypotheses involving overweight and obesity in adults, exercise and obesity in children and aging and access to health care. Data from this work helps provide Bassett investigators with a clear view of the health challenges and priorities for our region.

Related resources at Bassett

Other programs within the Bassett system contribute significantly to the Research Institute's efforts to improve the health of people living in rural communities. Bassett's School-Based Health Program  is a network of school-based health clinics that provide, in addition to preventive, primary and acute care, opportunities for data gathering and systematic interventions among school children. 

The Mithoefer Center for Rural Surgery has pioneered efforts to define and address the coming crisis related to access to surgical care in rural areas. The New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health has earned an international reputation for the excellence of its research and interventions relating to traditional family farms, migrant farm-worker populations and rural non-agricultural worksites.

Learn more about our faculty, scientific and administrative staff. For more information about the Bassett Research Institute, call 1-800-BASSETT or (607) 547-3048, or e-mail